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Campus Day 03: Participation

Online from 22. - 26. November 2021

The third Campus Day of the Leibniz Science Campus - Postdigital Participation (LSC PdP) in Braunschweig is planned for 2021. Within the framework of an interactive Participation Week, the concept of participation will be examined from different perspectives. How can participation be enhanced? How can participatory research and development processes be designed? What could be long-term impacts of the new forms of post-digital participation/exclusion that have been established in virtual spaces since 2020? These are just some of the questions that have become increasingly visible as elementary challenges for society and research since the beginning of the corona pandemic. The event aims at both expert discourse and exchange with the non-scientific public.


Participation Week

The Participation Week gives practice partners, interested members of the public, and other interaction groups the opportunity to directly engage in the LWC PdP project work. The interactive sessions will be offered at different times from November 22-25, 2021.


Campus Day

The Campus Day will take place on November 26, 2021, at the end of the Participation Week. It aims at an exchange between campus members, other scientists and the interested public about participation (e.g. concepts, research designs, results and theories).



You are welcome to register for the event by sending an e-mail to Dr. Martin Streicher ( In addition to your name and e-mail address, please include a postal address in order to receive a small event package. Participation is free of charge. Further details will follow.