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Campus Partners launch MINT Future League in the Braunschweig/Wolfsburg region

The starting signal for the MINT Zukunftsliga has been given. With this funded project, the MINT Zukunftsliga (MINT Future League) in the Braunschweig-Wolfsburg region complements existing MINT educational offers with low-threshold and regular offers. The term MINT is composed of the subject areas of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology. The target group is children and young people aged 10-16. In particular, girls, young women, young refugees and young people from peripheral areas are to be addressed. A league model provides additional motivation for the young people. At 10 to 12 anchor points in the Braunschweig-Wolfsburg region, such as youth centres and schools, STEM courses will be held on demand, thus expanding the circle of young people interested in STEM and promoting the next generation. STEM education offers should be targeted, low-threshold and regular extracurricular offers for young people in the entire region. The courses take place outside of school in the afternoons, at weekends or as part of holiday programmes and last between 90 and 120 minutes. The average number of participants will be between 9 and 12.

At a glance:

● Start: 01.10.2022

● Start of courses: February 2023

Duration: 3 years (with option of follow-up funding)

● Up to 230 courses in the form of experimental workshops, programming and tinkering courses and hackathons

10 to 12 permanent anchor points for the course offer in the region

● Target group are children and young people aged 10-16 years

Average of 9-12 participants per course

● Up to 2,760 participants in 3 years

You can find more information here: MINT Zukunftsliga