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Postdigital Lunch 10: Socio-ethical and Regulatory Implications of Location-based (Hyper)Local Media Communication

Our tenth Postdigital Lunch took place on 25 November 2021. Our hosts this time were Prof. Harald Rau (Professor for communication management at the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences) and Per-Ole Uphaus (Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences - Institute for Media Management). The conversation was conducted in english.

Through location-based services (LBS), users can nowadays be provided with location-specific and individualized information at any time. By providing information in this manner, LBS have the potential to fundamentally influence the communication behavior of users as well as their perception of news and thus form a decisive basis for digitally supported forms of participation. But what are the socio-ethical implications of this participatory component? Do participatory LBSs in particular require special regulations? These and other exciting questions were explored at the 10th Postdigital Lunch.

Participant: Dr. Roba Abbas (Lecturer and Academic Program Director, Faculty of Business and Law at the University of Wollongong, Co-Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society).