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Postdigital. Interactive. Participative. Entering the Post-Corona Era with the PIP Formula

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

New publication from Campus! Anna Lux and Felicitas Macgilchrist draw the "PIP formula" from the potidigital, interactive and participatory Campus Days:


Lux, A., & Macgilchrist, F. (2021). Postdigital. Interaktiv. Partizipativ. Mit der PIP-Formel in die Post-Corona-Zeit. HMD Journal.

One thing that became apparent in the pandemic is already surfacing: The understanding of collaboration has changed. Participation in different teams, networks and communities has become just as natural as acting supraregionally and internationally. Digitalization is not the challenge, but rather the design of processes in cooperation. The interaction of people, technology and space in the post-digital age requires methods and workflows that promote creativity, multiplicity of opinions and participation. Based on a practical example, we would like to propose a framework for designing contemporary collaboration models: The use of the PIP formula in conjunction with Liberating Structures.