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Postdigital Lunch 04: From random participation to active mining

People, processes, resources and spaces

Our fourth Postdigital Lunch: From random participation to active mining: people, processes, resources and spaces" took place on February 25.

Duncan Baker Brown (Architect, Academic, Author & Environmental Activist. Co- Founder of BBM Sustainable Design Ltd & Senior Lecturer University of Brighton ) was in conversation with Tilo Balke (IFiS, TU BS) and Folke Köbberling (IAK, TU BS).

In the conversation, the topics of participation were linked to the topic of "minings". Various approaches of "mining" exist in this context. We investigate urban mining, with social mining and with data mining. What are the possible intersections and how do you get a house built out of toothbrushes and videotapes on a university campus with participation?

Find the full talk here: