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Urban Digital Lab

SpACE Lab at ISU, 2022



Urban Digital Lab

The Urban Digital Lab within the SpACE Lab at ISU focuses on the teaching and transfer of basic principles and application-oriented programming skills and knowledge of state-of-the-art technology to students and citizens alike. The lab imparts practical knowledge of data collection platforms, sensors, and other AI programming tools.

An example of the work of the UDL is the workshop format 'Sense your city - Participatory Urban Data Lab'. This workshop instructs people in the use of small sensor kits for the collection of urban data, such as noise, temperature and humidity in streets. This technology makes it possible to collect data in a simple way and to involve citizens in the spirit of Citizen Science. The device consists of an LCD screen, an orientation sensor, a built-in battery, a microphone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as an extendable base to which additional sensors may be attached. Participants at the Digitaltag work in groups to develop possible use cases for collecting and analysing data, for example to investigate street noise, vegetation or buildings. Together, they can then create the necessary sensor kits. The groups then install the devices in the urban space, monitor the data collection in real time and evaluate it together. Data-driven analyses can be used, for example, to check one's own living or working environment for noise emissions and thus gather information for urban development, for example in the context of noise reduction planning.



2021 – 2023



Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture (MWK) – in the framework of 'Innovative teaching and learning concepts: Innovation plus'. 




Spatial Analytics and Crossdisciplinary Experimentation Lab

at ISU – Institute for Sustainable Urbanism

Technische Universität ­Braunschweig


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