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Pascal Abel

PhD student in "People, Digital Intelligence and Recycling – Shaping Urban Life Together"

2013 October - 2016 March

Technical University of Braunschweig

Focus: Technology-oriented management

Degree: Master of Science

Specialization in information management as well as organization and leadership

Thesis: "Cooperative campus design at the Technical University of Braunschweig: Description, evaluation and further development "

2008 September - 2013 September

Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences

Focus: Energy and building technology with a focus on regenerative energy technology

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering

Dual study (10 semesters): Study and training as a system mechanic (industry, metal processing)

Thesis: "Implementation of the start phase and optimization of the project management in a medium-sized company in the solar and heating industry "

2017 December - today

The Why Guys

Founder and Trainer

2018 February - today

DenkRaum Braunschweig


2019 November - today

Institute for Information Systems & Information management TU Braunschweig

Scientific Assistant

Doctorate in the field of E-Participation platforms in urban space

2006 September - January 2019

Self-employed Web designer / consultant

2015 April - 2019 November

Institute for Information Systems & Information management TU Braunschweig

Project management / research assistant

Project work in the field of campus designa team of four employees / student assistants, teaching in the field of innovation projects and design Thinking

2014 September - 2015 March

Institute for Information Systems &Information management TU Braunschweig

Student assistant in the field Innovation projects

Implementation of the idea of a cooperative Campus design at the TU Braunschweig,teaching in the field of innovation projects

2008 September - 2013 July


Dual student

Training system technician (IHK), participation

Research & development, project management


Scholarship for social engagement


Scholarship for social engagement