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Dr. Timo Strohmann

Project leader of "PartComp“

Dr. Timo Strohmann has been a research assistant in Prof. Dr. Susanne Robra-Bissantz's Chair of Information Management since 2017, where he completed his doctorate in 2020. His research, which he is now continuing following on from his dissertation, focuses on the development of design knowledge for the design of so-called Virtual Companios. Virtual Companions are information systems based on AI technologies, which are supposed to support users holistically with a relationship focus. For this purpose, he investigates different application fields such as participation, e-learning or vehicle assistance. He presents his research at international conferences and publishes it in journals. He also teaches other PhD students in design-oriented research. In addition to science, Timo also supports companies in practice as part of his digitalization consultancy, which he founded in 2020.