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Campus Partner nominated for EU AWARD

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The leading initiatives in Germany in 6 categories (Public Administration, Association/NGO, Business/Industry, Educational Establishment, Citizens, European special prize) are nominated for a European Commission award which is decided by an international jury. Now the LWC PdP partners have been nominated to represent Germany in the EU Awards in the category 'European Special Prize'.

Let it grow, Students design for tomorrow

In November 2022, the Lower Saxony State Representation in Berlin invited the Institute for Architecture-Related Art (IAK) at the Technical University of Braunschweig to take part in its annual art programme. The theme of the programme in November 2022 was the future. For this occasion, the colleagues developed an in-situ installation made of used beverage cartons. In just one day, a group of 160 students worked with an everyday material,  beverage cartons. They used 4,300 cartons, which were disassembled into 30,000 loops and reassembled to create a 120 m2 mesh with a honeycomb pattern,  transforming the waste into an expansive installation. The stimuli was B. Schmeling's ring meshes, which can put to great use in tackling future challenges such as rising water levels, and material and environmental pollution.

The best initiatives from Germany were nominated for the European prize, which is judged by an international jury. Partners in the Leibniz Science Campus - Postdigital Participation - Braunschweig (LWC PdP) were also nominated for the EU Awards in the 'European Special Prize' category.

We congratulate the group on their nomination. The award winners are expected to be announced in April/May 2023.

You can find an overview of the project here:



More information about the EU AWARD can be found here: Verband Kommunaler Unternhemen e.V.

Picture: Kurt Mundahl