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Participatory Poster Presentation at the 6th Berlin Workshop on Participatory Research

On Friday 25 February 2022, the 6th Berlin Workshop on Participatory Research took place online. It offers a platform for people who conduct or plan to conduct participatory research to exchange ideas, concepts, strategies, methods and challenges of participatory research. In the spirit of a workshop, various interactive event formats such as project workshops, thematic workshops and poster presentations were offered. Under the motto "Experience learning - it's not only the others who make mistakes", this year's Berlin Workshop set itself the goal of critically reflecting on different projects together, developing approaches to solutions and thus advancing a profitable learning culture for participatory research in the German-speaking world.

At the 6th Berlin Workshop on Participatory Research, the progress made so far in the project "Cultural Participation in Museums - Potentials of Digitalisation" was presented, critically reflected and discussed with regard to the needs of people with intellectual disabilities in museums - especially with regard to the degree of participation of those involved. The format of a poster presentation was chosen for this purpose. Participatory (research) projects were given the opportunity to present themselves and to engage in conversation with interested visitors. With the help of the online conference tool, a realistic interaction with other participants of the Berlin workshop was possible in the form of avatars in virtual rooms. Our poster entitled "Examining accessible museums with people with intellectual disabilities" was created in an interdisciplinary and participatory way by the project participants (Deutsches Schifffahrtsmuseum Bremerhaven, Lebenshilfe Bremerhaven and Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences Wolfenbüttel). In addition, all project participants (experts in their own right, professionals, scientists) were given the opportunity to present the results together. The team agreed that Rosemarie Brikmanis-Brückner (specialist from the accompanying service of Lebenshilfe), Lena Link (expert in her own right) and Linda Münch (research assistant at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences) would take on the presentation on behalf of all those involved in the project. The following quotes reflect the impressions gathered during the poster presentation at the 6th Berlin Workshop on Participatory Research:


You can find more detailed explanations here: BWPF