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Seed funding approved

Hauke Dressler

The German Maritime Museum has already explored the museum experience of people with intellectual disabilities in the project "Cultural Participation in the Museum - Potentials of Digitalization." While the previous project focused on participatory technology development, the current project aims to address the creation of suitable content and its audience-oriented preparation. Finding appropriate content and an adequate approach for visitors with intellectual limitations poses a challenge, as a mere translation of standard language into Easy Language can result in long and imprecise texts.

The German Maritime Museum continues its approach of developing convincing digital mediation approaches in close collaboration with the target groups and through iterative design processes. The goal is a post-digital technology development that is both user-centered and sustainable. The project aims to create a barrier-free digital infrastructure that offers attractive options to all visitors and enables continuous expansion of the offering.

Lebenshilfe Bremerhaven will continue to support the project as a cooperatin partner.