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Digital learning support through immersive technologies for people with ADHD (ImmerTec)

The goal of the project is to design, develop and evaluate learning support systems for people with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) based on immersive technologies (virtual and augmented reality). By means of a gamification approach and making learning content tangible by using mixed reality technologies, the generation of sustained attention for appropriately prepared learning content, the creation of a sense of achievement and stimulation of the reward system in the brain, and consequently the strengthening of self-confidence are to be achieved. In the planned project, a concept for a mixed reality based learning software to support people with ADHD will be developed, prototypically implemented and evaluated using a participatory design approach. The focus is on children and adolescents. However, the concept is to be designed openly with regard to the learning content, so that the adaptation to changed content is easily possible.


2023-2027 (2nd funding phase)