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MoSe 4.0

Mobility for Senior Citizens

The MoSe 4.0 project focuses primarily on senior citizens with limited mobility and who are unable, or unwilling, to use public transport. Organising the transportation necessary to participate fully in everyday life can frequently involve considerable effort: appointments and recreational activities must be coordinated to enable a taxi or car service to be ordered in advance. MoSe 4.0 will design an open concept for an intelligent online platform, which will allow potential service providers, car services, doctors, etc. to register in the system and to take over the entire organisational process for an appointment ‘with one click’. The user interface will be provided by an app for tablet or smartphones, optimised for the target group.
A user-specific configuration will take into account the various needs, limitations and capabilities of the user group. User-specific requirements (e.g. transportation of a wheelchair, need for someone to accompany the user to their destination) and contact data for regularly used service providers can be saved by the system. The system learns regular appointments and can send reminders or, if wanted, automatically make arrangements.