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Postdigital Lunch 01: Postdigital Theory

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Our first Postdigital Lunch took place on Thursday, October 22, 2020 with Sarah Hayes and Petar Jandrić in conversation with Felicitas Macgilchrist.

What does it mean to be living, researching and participating in a postdigital age, under postdigital conditions? The concept of the postdigital has emerged over recent years as a way of describing and analysing a world in which it no longer makes sense to speak of separate online and offline spaces. Instead, the postdigital names a world in which the digital is threaded throughout our lives. In the first „Postdigital Lunch“, organised by the Leibniz ScienceCampus – Postdigital Participation – Braunschweig, two leading thinkers on postdigital theory share their thoughts on the concept, reflecting on some of their previous publications and current projects.

Find the full talk here:

Some inspiration can be found here:

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