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Postdigital Media Constellations in Education

Participative Analysis, Reflection, and Design of Teaching and Learning with Digital Media

Photo by Philipp Ziebart

The project run by the GEI has been designed as a junior research group and combines media studies and information technology perspectives. It addresses postdigital media constellations in education in terms of participative analysis, reflection and design. The epistemological focus of the project is the exploration of how digital media technologies and media practices are integrated into existing teaching and learning processes and how those processes are transformed, as well as how classrooms, access to content and the roles and skillsets of teachers and learners also change. The participatory design of the project will allow us to study and shape these complex processes of transformation with producers of educational media and with teachers and learners. The procedure is coordinated individually with the practice partners. This is a possible prototypical process flow:

One of the PhD projects will explore questions of usable privacy and usable security in the context of media in education from an information technology point of view. The other will examine the relationship between media performance and subjectivisation. The post-doctoral project centres on the development of theory and methodology as well as overriding questions exploring media and cultural transformation processes in teaching and learning.



2019-2024 (1st funding phase)