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Article published in Wissen hoch N on the project "Cultural Participation in the Museum

An article on the campus project "Cultural Participation in the Museum" has appeared on Wissen hoch N, the information portal.

What support helps people with intellectual disabilities to find easier access to arts and culture? So far, only a few studies exist on barriers and access preferences. The aim of the project "Cultural Participation in Museums - Potentials of Digitalisation" is to identify the needs of these people in terms of accessibility and cultural participation and to use assistive technologies to support them. This project is a sub-project of the Leibniz Science Campus Braunschweig - Postdigital Participation. It is being carried out by an interdisciplinary team from the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Ruth Schilling from the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven and Lebenshilfe Bremerhaven. Intellectually impaired people are involved in the research process as experts in their own right.

Arousing interest, offering orientation

People with intellectual disabilities have difficulties identifying exhibits that are interesting to them and classifying the thematic relevance of individual exhibits in the overall context. In addition, they need continuous guidance and motivation. The research team worked out these interests and typical barriers together with impaired persons in the museum. To do this, the researchers conducted interviews and used participatory methods such as photovoice and scavenger hunts to create interactive elements. Photovoice makes the perspectives of people whose lifeworld is being researched visible. These people take photos of tasks or questions, which they then discuss in small groups.

You can find more information here: Digitalisation promotes cultural participation